Chenil  Des Deux Pins

                        REGULATIONS AND TARIFFS  

Rules and Tarifs of the boarding kennels

Please read before booking.

       ENTRANCES / EXITS   by appointment

 Monday to Saturday: 9am - 6pm;

 Sunday: 9am to 12pm  

       CLOSED : after  12:00 on Sundays  and public holidays

                 Thank you for the trust you place in us by boarding your pet with us. Please accept unconditionally the terms of our establishment.

Vaccinations - MANDATORY


                                                        Distemper (C)                                                                      

                                                       Hepatitis Rubarth (H)                                                       

                                                                            Parvorirose (P)                                                                                     

Leptospirosis (L)

Kennel Cough

Treat your pet with a flea and anti-tick preventative before arrival.


1.            We reserve the right to refuse an animal entry if it is poorly cared for, aggressive, sick, contagious, unprotected from ticks and fleas or inadequately vaccinated.

2.            Owners must provide a phone number, so that they can be notified in case of an emergency. We absolve ourselves of liability if the information given by the owner turns out to be false.

3.            The animal is our responsibility during its stay. Therefore, the owner authorizes us to ensure that all necessary care is undertaken, veterinary interventions or decisions, and agrees to pay the ensuing costs.

4.            As the disinfection of the premises is undertaken every day, the pension is not responsible for skin ailments that may occur during and/or after the stay of the animal.

5.            We are absolved of any responsibility in any accidents of an unpredictable nature (heart attack, old age, gastric torsion ....) or if the aggressiveness of the animal prevents its care.

6.            If an animal is an escapee, the pension cannot be held responsible because the owner is knowledgeable  of the premises and the height of the fence etc. By placing the dog in the kennels, the owner is aware of how the boarding house operates. Also, it is necessary to stress that injuries (eg playing in a large field) are still possible despite surveillance.

7.            We consider that any unreclaimed animal, in unpaid pension, beyond a period of 7 days after the expected date of departure, will be considered abandoned; therefore will be placed at the S.P.A. without notice and relieves us of all responsibilities.


1.            RATES:

One dog: 15 euros a day. 16 euros a day from June 2021   Two dogs from the same family in the same kennel: 25 euros per day

Heating for dogs: 2 euros per kennel per day

Discount: 10% after a 30-day stay (payment in advance required for this discount)

2.      The payment of 30 euros per dog, 50 euros for two dogs, is required in advance, to confirm the booking.  During school holidays, a 50% deposit will be required for any booking.     

In the event of a cancellation of a reservation, the deposit cannot be returned.


If the customer wishes to bring/collect their dog outside the opening hours, the following fee will be levied 30 €  for an entrance or exit.

          In case of premature return, the paid days will not be refunded.

        The entry day is always charged, but if the exit is effected before noon, there will be no charge for the day of exit.


Marilyn ANDREWS       1st January 2020


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