Chenil  Des Deux Pins

                        REGULATIONS AND TARIFFS  


        ARRIVALS: Between 9am - 12h and 14h - 18h.

        DEPARTURES: No departures in winter after 17h,  and  in summer 19h without prior arrangement.

        CLOSED: Sunday Afternoon.


v                  Thank you for the trust you place in us by boarding your pet with us. Please accept unconditionally the terms of our establishment.

v                  We reserve the right to refuse entry if an animal is in poor health, aggressive, suffering any contagious ailment, not protected against ticks and fleas, or is not vaccinated. 

v                  Each owner will provide a phone number to call in case of emergency. We do not accept any responsibility if the information given by the owner proves to be false.

v                  During their stay the animal  is our responsibility. Therefore, the owner authorizes all care, veterinary or necessary decisions, and agrees to pay the costs .

Vaccinations - MANDATORY


Distemper (C)                                                                      

Hepatitis Rubarth (H)                                                       

Parvorirose (P)                                                                                      

Leptospirosis (L)

Kennel Cough

Treat your pet with a flea and anti-tick preventative before arrival.



The Carnet De Sante will be kept by us for the duration of the stay of the animal .

v      The premises is disinfected every day,

v      Our liability will will cease if there are any unpredictable events such as heart attack, old age, torsion, or aggressiveness of the animal which prevent care.

v      Any animal not collected 7 days after the owner's stated date of departure will be considered abandoned and will be taken to a SPA without notice and we will be released from all responsibilities.

v      Rates pension - November 2016

Dog 13 Euros / day 

                       22 Euros / day for two dogs sharing

            November 1 to March 31, there is a supplement of €2 per box per night.

v      A deposit of 26 euros per dog, 44 euros for two dogs is required in advance for confirming the booking.

v      In case of cancellation the deposit will not be returned.

v      The date of entry is always charged, if departure is before noon, that day will not be charged.

      Rate for a month :

         10% for stays of over 31 days

Marilyn ANDREWS 1st February 2018


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