Chenil  Des Deux Pins

                        REGULATIONS AND TARIFFS  


        ARRIVALS: Between 9am - 12h and 14h - 18h.

        DEPARTURES: No departures in winter after 17h,  and  in summer 19h without prior arrangement.

        CLOSED: Sunday Afternoon.


v                  Thank you for the trust you place in us by boarding your pet with us. Please accept unconditionally the terms of our establishment.

v                  We reserve the right to refuse entry if an animal is in poor health, aggressive, suffering any contagious ailment, not protected against ticks and fleas, or is not vaccinated. 

v                  Each owner will provide a phone number to call in case of emergency. We do not accept any responsibility if the information given by the owner proves to be false.

v                  During their stay the animal  is our responsibility. Therefore, the owner authorizes all care, veterinary or necessary decisions, and agrees to pay the costs .

Vaccinations - MANDATORY


Distemper (C)                                                                      

Hepatitis Rubarth (H)                                                       

Parvorirose (P)                                                                                      

Leptospirosis (L)

Kennel Cough

Treat your pet with a flea and anti-tick preventative before arrival.



The Carnet De Sante will be kept by us for the duration of the stay of the animal .

v      The premises is disinfected every day,

v      Our liability will will cease if there are any unpredictable events such as heart attack, old age, torsion, or aggressiveness of the animal which prevent care.

v      Any animal not collected 7 days after the owner's stated date of departure will be considered abandoned and will be taken to a SPA without notice and we will be released from all responsibilities.

v      Rates pension - November 2016

Dog 13 Euros / day As from the 1st June 2019 this rate is inceasing to 14 euros per day.

                       22 Euros / day for two dogs sharing  As from the 1st June 2019 this rate is inceasing to 24 euros per day.

            If heating is requested, there is a supplement of €2 per box per night.

v      A deposit of 26 euros per dog, 44 euros for two dogs is required in advance for confirming the booking.

        As of the 1st June 2019 the deposit will increase to 28 euros per dog, and 48euros for two dogs in
        advance for confirming the booking.

v      In case of cancellation the deposit will not be returned.

v      The date of entry is always charged, if departure is before noon, that day will not be charged.

      Rate for a month :

         10% for stays of over 31 days

Marilyn ANDREWS 1st February 2018


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