Boarding Kennels


             Home of Moments of Harmony Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

   Certificat de Capacité  No. 33 - 250 - AC

           The Kennels

We are situated in the Gironde, on the D10 between Langon and Mitton,

 Tel: 09 60 52 86 32 /  06 26 26 36 22


                        The Cattery        

The kennels consists of ten boxes, each box being 18 sq metres, of which 9 sq metres is covered.  Each box has a raised bed, and a heat lamp for when the temperature drops. We also have three boxes with individual runs for small dogs housed alongside the reception area.

Each dog is treated as an individual, and his/her care is personally identified, whether it is diet, medication, exercise or stress management during the period away from home.

Kennels and runs are disinfected daily.

All residents are taken out twice a day into the paddock, where they can run free. This also has a splash pool enabling  the dog to cool itself from early morning or late evening heat. Temperatures in the height of summer are not conducive to strenuous exercise outside, which is why we have doubled the size of the kennels allowing for a larger covered area, which enables the dog to rest or walk around in shade.  

Dog are exercised individually or in groups depending on the owner's wishes.

There is no additional charge for medication, including injections for diabetic dogs for example, which Alan, an ex-nurse is able to administer. Our vet, is only ten minutes drive away if an emergency occurs. 

Potential clients and their dogs are encouraged to visit prior to booking, so that they can see our facilities and discuss their requirements.

Opening times are Mon - Saturday 9.00 am - 18.00

Sunday 9.00 am - 12.00      


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